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Effective Hearing Protection in Toronto

Custom hearing protection is an excellent solution to avoid and prevent noise-induced hearing loss. At Toronto Family Hearing, we offer tailored custom hearing protection in Toronto based on your lifestyle, occupation and needs. Don’t miss out on life’s most important moments — book an appointment today.

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We believe that prevention is the best medicine. With custom-made hearing protection, you can preserve your hearing so that you can enjoy more of life.

custom hearing protection toronto

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Our audiologists will create custom hearing protection based on your lifestyle, ensuring you get protection when you need it the most.

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Our custom hearing protection ensures you can enjoy your life to the fullest without risking noise-induced hearing loss.

Wearing Hearing Protection is as Important As Brushing Your Teeth and Taking Your Vitamins

When Is Hearing Protection Necessary?

Our audiologists recommend wearing hearing protection when exposed to sound levels exceeding 85 decibels (dB), as it can significantly increase your risk of hearing loss. Not only is the volume of the sounds important, but also the amount of time exposed. As a guide, for each 5 dB increase, the exposure time should be cut in half.

How to Get Fitted For Custom Hearing Protection

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If you have to raise your voice to be heard over the sound or are struggling to hear what others say to you, you’re probably experiencing a dangerous level of noise. Cover your ears if possible or move out of harm’s way. Some workplaces or areas will notify you if there is a high level of noise. There are also apps that can measure noise levels around you. 

It can vary from situation to situation. Most hearing loss is cumulative, meaning the more time you spend exposed to loud noises, the more damage to your hearing. However, in some cases, one-off extremely high sounds can damage your hearing. The point at which sound begins to be harmful is 85 dB, so wearing protection is crucial in these situations.

You’ll be surprised at how loud some areas and sounds are, exceeding the 85 dB limit. Driving on the highway, working at or near a construction site or using home appliances, such as lawnmowers and chainsaws, can affect your hearing. Loud music, particularly at concerts, can also exceed the 85dB limit. We recommend wearing hearing protection during situations where you know decibel levels are uncomfortable for you.

When the noise is hurting you, it means it is damaging to your hearing, so move away from the noise immediately. If you notice that pain persists, contact your medical practitioner or visit Toronto Family Hearing immediately.