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Learn About Hearing Aids in Toronto

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Improve Your Quality of Life with Hearing Aids in Toronto

Hearing aids are an excellent, non-invasive solution for people with hearing loss. When you’re able to listen, hear, and communicate clearly again, your overall quality of life will improve, and stress will decrease. At Toronto Family Hearing, we offer tailored hearing aids in Toronto that will change your life.

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We promise you a wide selection of high-quality hearing aids from all the top manufacturers to make sure we meet your needs and your lifestyle.

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Knowledgeable Staff

Our audiologists have extensive knowledge and want to share it with you. We’ll answer your questions, program and verify your hearing aids and ensure you’re comfortable with your choice.

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Our focus has always been on offering personalized treatments for our patients. We will work closely with you, ensuring you receive a high level of patient care.

90% of Hearing Loss Can Be Treated With Hearing Aids

How Your Clinician Can Help You Choose the Right Hearing Aids

Our audiologists uphold the highest standards of service and customer care. We’ll fit, program and verify your devices and explain how to use them so that you can feel comfortable and confident with your hearing aids in Toronto. We’ll find the best solution, so nothing stands in the way of you hearing better. 

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Take Your Hearing Aids For a Spin
We offer the opportunity to test hearing aids for a two-week period. Talk to our audiologists to know more.

Hearing Aid Styles

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hearing clinic toronto
hearing clinic toronto
hearing clinic toronto
hearing clinic toronto

We've Got
You Covered

Do you have third-party insurance coverage? Let us know!

We’re Happy to Answer All Your Questions

Hearing aids and related services from Toronto Family Hearing can cost approximately $1000-$3900 per ear after OHIP coverage. These prices represent the total out-of-pocket cost for patients and typically include dispensing/fitting services, batteries, warranties and follow-up appointments. For more information, please make an appointment with our audiologists.

Hearing aids supplement our hearing. Sounds are picked up by the microphones of the hearing aids before being processed by the computer chip inside the device using the manufacturer’s algorithms (based on extensive research and development). The chip is programmed specifically for you and your hearing by our audiologists to ensure that speech and sound quality are as clear and natural as possible in various challenging environments. The sounds then enter the ear from the speaker in the device.

Potentially anyone who appears to be hearing well. You are more likely to notice someone who isn’t using hearing aids than someone who is. The latest digital hearing aid technology ensures they are very light and barely visible so you won’t notice them.

Like ​any electronic device, there are different levels of technology and capabilities built into hearing aids. The more features and/or options (for example, circuits to help understand speech better in the presence of background noise), the greater the cost of the aids.