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hearing clinic toronto

Mahsa Mosstaghimi-Tehrani


Mahsa is the owner of Toronto Family Hearing. Originally from Windsor Ontario, Mahsa attended Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan where she graduated with a Clinical Doctorate in Audiology (Au.D).


While completing her degree, Mahsa worked in various clinical settings that served both pediatric and adult patients, including the Children’s Hospital of Michigan and the University Physician Group at the Wayne State School of Medicine.


After practicing for several years Mahsa decided to open her own audiology clinic because she wanted to improve the availability of high-quality hearing services by implementing her own researched-based practice methods​. With a focus on the importance of routine hearing testing, Mahsa brings a compassionate and comprehensive approach to hearing health care. By conducting the most thorough hearing assessments, hearing aid fittings, verifications and counselling, Mahsa ensures that every patient leaves her office with the best understanding of their hearing health.

Deanna Miluzzi

M.(Aud).ST Reg. CASLPO

Deanna graduated with a Master of Audiology studies from the University of Queensland in 2016. She has worked with patients ranging from adults to infants in private clinics and hospitals.


Deanna’s goal is to improve the communication between her patients, their family and friends by counselling and providing support and solutions for their hearing loss.


Deanna is currently completing her Doctor of Audiology program to expand her expert clinical and educational knowledge in the field of audiology. Her academic focus is tinnitus and has been published in the International Journal of Audiology.

Paxton Oliver-Bingham

Au.D., Reg. CASLPO

Paxton completed her Clinical Doctorate in Audiology (Au.D.) at the University of Kansas in Kansas City, Kansas. She is originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba and is a proud Métis person.


Paxton served both pediatric and adult patients in various clinical settings, including private practice, hospital-based ear, nose, and throat (ENT) clinics, and vestibular outpatient residency at the American Institute of Balance. She is driven to provide evidence-based care for her patients that fit their lifestyle and listening needs.


Paxton completed her research project on aural rehabilitation and has a passion for ensuring both her patients and their communication partners understand the functional impact of hearing loss. She also completed a Medical Mission to Guatemala to assess hearing and treat hearing loss for members of the community. Paxton works diligently to provide excellence in all aspects of vestibulocochlear healthcare.

Amelia Strehler

Amelia joined Toronto Family Hearing as our first Patient Care Coordinator in 2016. Amelia’s unmistakable positive attitude makes every patient feel cared for when they call or walk in the door. Amelia’s approach to patient care ensures that everyone gets the right amount of time with the audiologist despite a busy schedule, so no one feels rushed. Amelia does it all — and always with a smile. She has a unique ability to ensure everyone has a positive experience when they visit Toronto Family Hearing.
hearing clinic toronto