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Professional Ear Wax Removal in Toronto

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The Importance of Ear Wax Removal

Excessive ear wax build-up can dry and harden causing blockages that reduce your hearing and result in painful earaches. At Toronto Family Hearing, we offer safe and effective methods to remove excessive ear wax and improve your hearing. Healthier and better hearing starts with ear wax removal in Toronto.

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Your health and safety are of paramount importance. Our audiologists are highly-trained professionals who will take all necessary steps to ensure you’re comfortable with our service.

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With multiple removal methods, our flexibility ensures that we can effectively and efficiently clean your ears, so you always hear clearer and better.

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You will likely notice an immediate and significant improvement in your hearing after we have removed the excessive ear wax.

When Was the Last Time You Had Your Ears Cleaned?

Common Causes
of Wax Build Up

Narrow ear canals, wearing hearing aids, custom ear plugs and headphones, changes in the weather, living and working in dusty environments, and using cotton swabs can result in a build-up of excessive ear wax. Some people also just produce more earwax than others. At Toronto Family Hearing, we can offer advice on how to prevent ear wax build-up, so it doesn’t impact your hearing.

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Our Methods for Ear Wax Removal in Toronto

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Mechanical (Curettage)

A curette is a thin, long, curved tool that allows our audiologists to gently remove the ear wax lodged in your inner ear. After inspecting your ear with an otoscope, we will use the curette to remove the wax. If the ear wax is hard, an ear wax softening agent will be used to soften it. This method is painless and effective.


A special method available at our hearing clinic. This method for ear wax removal in Toronto involves a headlamp, magnifier and a small medical suction pump. Our audiologists will use the magnifier to determine the depth and areas of ear wax build-up before gently removing it with the suction pump. This method is easy, safe and thorough.

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Our professionals will use special solutions to soften and loosen the ear wax build-up before flushing it with water. We use a low-pressure system to gently remove the wax, making the treatment painless and easy. Irrigation is best used when microsuction or mechanical methods are not suitable options for the patient.

We’re Happy to Answer All Your Questions

There are several symptoms that indicate you might have excessive ear wax. Itchiness in the ear, a decrease in hearing, fullness in the ear, earaches, ringing in the ear (tinnitus), or a decrease in your hearing aid performance are common signs. If you are prone to excess wax build-up in the ears, you should get your ears routinely checked and cleaned. We can inspect your ears to determine the reason for excessive ear wax.

The safest way to keep earwax from building up in your ears is to soften the wax with an oil, such as mineral oil or olive oil. Placing a few drops of oil into your ear at night will help soften dry wax so it can continue to migrate out of your ears naturally. We also recommend not to use cotton swabs (or Q-Tips) as you risk pushing more wax back into the ear than you’re able to get out. Book an appointment at our Toronto hearing clinic and we can professionally remove your excessive ear wax.

There are a few tips to help you prevent further issues in future, including routinely cleaning your ears if you wear ear plugs or hearing aids and not sticking cotton swabs too deep in your ear. Our audiologists can provide you with more advice based on your lifestyle when you book a consultation.