Hearing Aid Repairs

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Quality Hearing Aid Repairs

At Toronto Family Hearing, we support you with comprehensive hearing aid repairs. Whether you need minor adjustments, battery changes, advice for maintenance, cleaning or assistance from manufacturers, our audiologists can help you when you need it the most. 

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Our audiologists can offer advice and technical support for all hearing aid makes and models from any manufacturers available in Ontario.

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Personalized treatment is paramount to you hearing better. We'll support you with all types of repairs and care based on your concerns and devices.

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Knowledgeable Staff

Our audiologists will educate you on better at-home practices to keep your specific hearing aids clean and in top working condition.

90% of Hearing Loss Can Be Treated With Hearing Aids

Troubleshooting Your Hearing Aids

If your hearing aids in Toronto are not working as expected, check the receiver and microphone for wax residue, visible damage or if pieces are not connected correctly. Improper insertion might cause feedback issues. Lastly, change the battery if needed, or if you are using rechargeable devices, ensure your charger is functional. You can make an appointment with our audiologist if you still experience issues. 

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Hearing Aid Repairs & Maintenance

hearing aid repair

Changing the Batteries

Many hearing aids will notify you when you need to change your batteries. Some emit a beeping sound, while others directly warn that your batteries are running low, requiring you to change or recharge them. We can provide you with guidance and support based on your particular model so you can change or recharge your hearing aid batteries when required.

Cleaning Your Hearing Aids

Cleaning your hearing aids can ensure they keep working in top condition while extending their lifespan. It's recommended that regardless of your model, you always use a soft dry cloth, remove any wax residue and be very careful with handling the microphone and the receiver. Our audiologists can guide you on cleaning your particular model and style of hearing aids and offer insight into ideal techniques. If you have concerns, we can clean your hearing aids for you.

hearing aid repair
hearing aid repair

Replacing Your Hearing Aids

Changes in your hearing, outdated hearing aids, lifestyle changes (including hobbies, occupation or living situation) or extensive damage are signs you should replace your hearing aids. Other issues can include poor maintenance and wear and tear. As your supportive audiologists, we'll explain why you might require new hearing aids, assisting you in finding a solution that ensures you're always hearing at your best.

We’re Happy to Answer All Your Questions About Hearing Aids

Hearing aid repairs can only be determined by your Toronto Family Hearing professional. If you have tried to troubleshoot your device with no success, our audiologists can conduct thorough inspections to detect potential issues.

It depends on the type of warranty you have, either from the clinic, the manufacturer, or both. We can provide you with more detailed information once we have inspected your hearing aids.

Newer hearing aids have much more technology packed into smaller and smaller devices, improving performance and patient satisfaction. It is crucial to remember that hearing aids cannot repair any damage to the auditory system. Our audiologists are uniquely qualified to ensure your hearing aids work with your needs and lifestyle.