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Comprehensive Hearing Tests in Toronto

At Toronto Family Hearing, we want you and your family to have the best hearing ever. With a comprehensive hearing test and an honest discussion about your lifestyle and preferences, we’ll assess your hearing, detect potential issues and offer treatment options and solutions. Hearing better starts with a hearing test at Toronto Family Hearing

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We provide in-depth hearing assessments, including analyzing your lifestyle and medical history, to gain the most accurate picture of your hearing health.

hearing test toronto


If weaknesses in your auditory system are detected, we will make sure you know what steps to take for improvement.

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Our audiologists will inform and guide you with recommended solutions to improve your hearing, so you always stay connected.

70% of Adults Diagnosed With Hearing Loss Thought Their Hearing Was Normal

Components of Hearing Tests



An otoscope is a hand-held tool with a light and a magnifying lens that allows our audiologist to conduct an examination of your ear canal. Our audiologists will inspect the health of the ear canal and eardrum. They will also be able to identify any concerns regarding wax build-up in the ears.



A standard test that is used to detect the degree of your hearing loss. You will be seated in a sound-treated booth, listening to low and high-frequency tones, pushing a button or saying ‘yes’ to each sound you hear. The beeps will start off audible, slowly becoming softer as the test progresses. You will also be asked to repeat back words and sentences at different volume levels, with and without background noise.



Tympanometric testing is a pressure test for the ear. A soft probe is placed into the ear, sealing it off, while there is a slight change in pressure and a tone is played. This test lets us know if there are any signs of fluid or excess pressure behind the eardrum or anything structural going on, such as detecting a hole in the eardrum or wax blocking the ear canal.

Ear Wax Removal

Ear Wax Removal

In some cases, excessive ear wax can impact your hearing and affect the testing process. We offer safe and effective ear wax removal methods, including irrigation, mechanical and microsuction. The method used depends on the amount of earwax and your personal preference. We will remove it prior to completing the test.

The Importance of
Early Detection

We strongly encourage you and your family to get your hearing checked regularly. Routine appointments at major milestones can prove beneficial to detect any changes to your hearing. The earlier we identify any issues, the earlier we can offer treatment and solutions.

hearing test toronto

What to Expect at Toronto Family Hearing

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Our assessments usually take 45 to 75 minutes, depending on the concerns we are looking to address.

We recommend routine hearing tests every 3 to 5 years, when you notice your hearing has changed or when you are suffering from hearing loss. If hearing loss is present, we recommend more frequent testing, usually once a year. This ensures that any changes in your hearing are identified as soon as possible and provides us with a medical history of your hearing health if there are problems in the future.

Children can be tested when they’re infants and toddlers. Infants have their hearing tested at birth to ensure there are no potential issues. At Toronto Family Hearing, we offer testing for children of all ages.

Depending on your hearing condition and profile, treatments can include hearing aids and, if you are suffering from tinnitus (ringing in the ears), tinnitus management. Getting custom hearing protection can preserve your hearing in loud-noise areas and situations.

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Hearing aids are an excellent solution for individuals with hearing loss. We can tailor devices to your lifestyle.
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Ear Plugs
We offer custom ear plugs for recreational hunters, law enforcement personnel, musicians, light sleepers and more.
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Ear Wax
We offer safe and effective methods of wax removal, including mechanical, irrigation and microsuction.