The Importance of Early Adoption of Hearing Aids

Hearing is something people can take for granted, and many are resigned to being “hard of hearing,” but that may not be the best course of action for families with young children. Next month is Speech & Hearing Month, so we’re going to get ahead by explaining why you need to prioritize early care and intervention with hearing aids.


Hearing in Ontario


Ontarians can rest assured that early detection of hearing problems in infants is not a forgotten issue, and Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) programs have yielded results. While nearly half of Canada has recently scored Insufficient on the early adoption of hearing aids, the Canadian Infant Hearing Task Force (CIHTF) gave Ontario a passing grade. Audiologists are working hard to be a large part of the solution to these problems.


What Do Audiologists Do?


Most people describe audiologists as hearing test administrators and those who provide hearing aids. While they may assist with these issues frequently, their experience and skills are far more comprehensive than just providing hearing tests.

Close up of an audiologist having a check up on her baby patient

Audiologists are qualified specialists who must at least have a master’s degree in audiology to practice in Canada, making them competent enough to examine, diagnose (though some provinces/territories have restrictions), and treat a wide array of ear impairments. Hearing aids are a very effective treatment for below-average hearing, especially in children.


Learning & Brain Development


Hearing and vision are so critical to the early stages of learning for a child, to a degree that research has not fully demonstrated yet. As for hearing, it’s easier to dismiss the signs that a child is unable to hear within the normal threshold of 20 dB, but that’s where Toronto Family Hearing can help. Please get your infant hearing test booked, and we’ll provide any necessary hearing aids to bolster their learning ability at these developmental crossroads; your child will thank you one day!

From hearing tests and hearing aid repair to fresh batteries, tinnitus treatments, and more, our Toronto hearing clinic provides everything you need to improve your hearing. Our services are ideal for adults with age-related hearing difficulties and for children through our team of audiologists that understands what it takes to provide bespoke, sophisticated treatment. For people with simple congestion, Toronto Family Hearing also offers ear cleanings. Contact us immediately at (416) 792-9401 or [email protected] if you want to make a difference in your hearing.