World Hearing Day 2016

Dear Readers,
For the past few years, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been raising awareness for hearing care through their annual advocacy event: World Hearing Day. Last year, their theme was “Make Listening Safe”. Last March, we shared with you some of the posters, infographics and learning tools the WHO published on their website aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of excessive noise and preventing noise-induced hearing loss.
A startling statistic shared by the WHO suggests over 1.1 billion young people are at risk of hearing loss. As a result, they are promoting the following as ways to make listening safe:
1- Keep the volume down
2- Limit time spent engaged in noisy activities
3- Heed the warning sings of hearing loss
4- Monitor safe listening levels through the use of smartphone apps
5- Get regular hearing check-ups

WHO-2016 Infographic-page-001
The World Health Organization celebrates World Hearing Day by sharing some valuable information.

This year, the theme to World Hearing Day is “Childhood Hearing Loss: Act now, Here’s How”. The statistics released by the WHO regarding hearing loss in childhood are very surprising to say the least: Worldwide 32 million children live with disabling hearing loss and 60% of childhood hearing loss is preventable! No wonder it’s important to raise awareness.
In childhood, hearing plays a key role in development. If hearing loss is not addressed, it can have a devastating impact on speech and language acquisition, academic achievement, socialization, self-esteem, even safety.
To find a booklet published by the WHO with some great information about childhood hearing loss click HERE. Pass along this information to do your part in raising awareness about childhood hearing loss. Also, if you haven’t already, book a routine hearing test  with your local audiologist for you and your children. Routine hearing tests are recommend every 3-5 years for adults and children to make sure our ears remain in tip-top shape.
Thanks for reading!