How to Protect Your Hearing at a Concert

Protect Your Hearing at Concerts 

Music festivals and concerts are part of the quintessential summer experience, but are you aware of noise exposure dangers associated with these events? Your ears are susceptible to hearing damage or loss when exposed to sounds above 85 decibels for an extended period. Concerts typically range between 100 and 140 decibels, putting attendees at risk for conditions such as tinnitus and sensorineural hearing loss. If you’ve been to a concert lately and weren’t using proper hearing protection, you should visit a hearing clinic to have your hearing checked, especially if you’ve noticed a change to your hearing. 

Prevent Hearing Damage

We’ve identified some preventative measures you can take to ensure your next concert experience is both safe and enjoyable. 

Wear Ear Plugs

The best way to protect your hearing when you go to a concert is to wear custom ear plugs. You can listen to music recreationally without impairing your hearing by getting ear plugs that are specially made to fit your ears. While you may be worried about the effect on your experience, these ear plugs will not minimize the sound of the music and are the perfect asset to any frequent concertgoer. 

Check Sound Levels

When the concert begins, you can check the sound levels by using an app on your phone. If the sound level exceeds 85 decibels, you may need to move further away from the speakers or find different seats.  

Move Away From the Speaker

Sometimes protecting your hearing during a concert can be as simple as stepping away from the speaker. If the seats are assigned when you purchase your ticket, consider choosing a spot further back from the stage and speakers.

Take a Break

You should give yourself short breaks whenever possible during the concert. Even if you’re wearing protective ear plugs, it’s a good idea to give your ears a break by stepping out of the arena or away from the stage throughout the concert. 

Be Aware of the Signs of Hearing Damage

Become familiar with the signs and symptoms of hearing damage after you attend a concert. If you notice ringing in your ears, difficulty hearing high-pitched sounds, or a distinct pain in your ears, you should visit a hearing clinic for testing. These are symptoms of hearing loss and could indicate a more serious issue. 

To take extra measures to protect your hearing after you’ve attended a concert, you should also refrain from listening to music with headphones or anything else at a high volume. 

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