Hearing Aids & Back To School

Back-to-school season can be as stressful as it is exciting for both students and parents. In addition to shopping for school supplies, you can prepare your kids for the year ahead by taking them to get their hearing tested. The importance of regular hearing testing and early adoption of hearing aids as needed cannot be overstated. Children who do not show signs of hearing loss or impairment should have their hearing checked every 3-5 years. However, annual tests are recommended for children who have already developed signs of hearing loss. 

Students With Hearing Impairment

If you’re a parent of a student with a hearing condition, school preparation may look a bit different. Here are some helpful tips for students with hearing loss and hearing aids who are returning to school this fall. 

Talking with staff and teachers 

You should discuss your child’s condition with the school staff and teachers before the first day of classes. School administrators should be aware if your child wears hearing aids and if any additional accommodations are required. Some schools have separate classrooms for the deaf and hearing impaired. Communicating with school staff will allow your child to feel comfortable in a new environment and help the teachers prepare for potential issues. 

Hearing aid supplies

Ensure that your child’s hearing aids are ready for the first day of school with fresh batteries. If needed, you may want to be prepared with backup batteries, replacement hearing aids and/or a repair kit. If your child’s hearing aids are not working properly for any reason, you can bring them to an audiologist clinic like Toronto Family Hearing for repairs before school starts.  

Preparing for questions

If you have a child with a hearing condition starting school this fall, it is best to prepare them for questions that other young children may have. Children are naturally curious, and their questions may be blunt. Prepare your child with answers and help them feel confident as they meet their classmates. 

Starting school can be intimidating for any student and can be especially stressful for students with hearing conditions and hearing aids. By preparing students beforehand, parents, students, and teachers will feel more confident and comfortable on the first day of school. 

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