Celebrating Audiology Month At Toronto Family Hearing

October is a month to celebrate Audiology Awareness Month, spread information about audiology, and promote this profession that is essential to millions of Canadians. As noise pollution continues to grow every year and a large portion of Canadians advance in age, hearing loss remains a relevant concern. Canadians in every province are susceptible to noise-induced hearing loss, making professional audiologists more crucial than ever. 

Celebrate audiologists’ amazing work this October by learning more about what they undertake each day so that you can promote and support audiologists. 

What Is Audiology Awareness Month

October is a time to immerse yourself in pumpkins, spicey lattes, and fall colours, and also take the time to learn about and celebrate Audiology Awareness Month! While other events may overshadow this celebration, promoting audiology can help those struggling with hearing loss be aware of what resources and support are available. This month can also provide an opportunity to contemplate your own hearing health. Ask yourself questions like:

  • How can I reduce noise pollution in my home and workplace? 
  • Where is the nearest audiology clinic?
  • When was the last time I had my hearing tested? 

For more information, you can contact your local audiologist organizations to see how you can help this Audiology Awareness Month!

What does an audiologist do?

Audiologists work with patients of any age, from infants to the elderly. They perform hearing tests and help select, fit, and dispense hearing aids and other devices. Audiologists also prevent further hearing loss, providing resources to educate on the effects of noise. Audiologists also contribute their experience and knowledge to studies relating to hearing loss prevention, management, and tinnitus, among many other topics. 

The work of an audiologist cannot be understated as they diligently work to maintain and help with hearing loss and hearing conditions affecting more Canadians each year. Because of their efforts, celebrating and promoting Audiology Awareness Month is an essential part of October for all Canadians.

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